Junior academy

At Le Smash
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Le Smash club offers a great variety of programs that answer to different goals in tennis. Junior Academy starts with 4 years old children until 18 years old.
All groups are supervised by our international head-coaches, with a maximum of 4 children per court, arranged by level and age.

A tennis club is a very healthy place for children and teenagers to be around. Le Smash Club will be the place where your children like to be and hang out with friends as well as a place to train. They will get fantastic value from it.


Our team of coaches will use their experience and knowledge of the game to show you tips to improve each aspect of the game: technical, tactical, physical and mental. Using your own natural style, we will show you how to achieve your very best.

Our men session is on tuesday from 7pm to 9pm
Our ladies sesison is on thursday from 7pm to 9pm

Private lessons

Private lessons
Our team of experienced coaches will be happy to help you on individual basis. 

Holiday training camps

Holiday training camps
If you want your child to improve his Tennis skills very fast, this is the asnwer to it.

During the school holidays, our international team will make your child improve on:

-Tactical aspect of the game
-Match play

These are the main goals of Le Smash Club Team. Playing Tennis in a group helps also your children to respect basic rules, live in harmony with others and built their own personnality.

Contact Joe ( or Pierre ( for more information or if you would like to register!!